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    Features & Specifications

    • Computer Designed Tread Pattern - Maximizes tread pattern for excellent vehicle stability and traction in all weather conditions.
    • Radical Ribs - Outside shoulder ribs that act like traction bars, yet stabilize the tread for greater stability and long tread life.
    • Center Islands with "Bridges" - Gives the traction needed in wet and dry maneuvers, but has "bridges" of rubber spanning them to control irregular wear patterns, and help deliver long mileage. These bridges also help control tread squirm during tight turns.
    • Multi-Phase Shift Tread Pattern - Minimizes tire noise.
    • 3 Deep Circumferential Grooves - Allows maximum dispersal of water from tread pattern.
    • Sumitomo All Steel Casing - Gives excellent resistance to curbs, potholes, and road variations. Helps to ensure better retreadability for lower cost per mile.
    • Multiple Steel Breakers Below Tread Pattern - Controls tread from distortion in turns for greater traction. Supplies extra protection to the casing from road hazards.**
    • Curb Defense Ribs - Gives the sidewalls extra protection if rubbed against curbs.

    This tire is engineered to withstand the rough, metro environment with an all steel casing, and to resist punctures from foreign objects with multiple steel breakers in the tread. The computer designed tread pattern and special compounds combine to deliver long mileage, and great traction and stability in all operating conditions. Sumitomo has balanced the best of rib and block pattern designs to provide drivers with tough, durable performance in city and regional usage.

    **Note: 3 steel breakers in 225, and 4 steel breakers in 245/70R19.5 size.

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